Texas Association of School Administrators   |   Texas Association of School Boards
TASA/TASB Convention
Kay Bailey Hutchison
Convention Center
Sept. 29–Oct. 1

Preconference Sessions

Thursday, September 28, 2023

$50 fee is required, advance registration is necessary, and participation is limited.

Could You Last a Month in Poverty? 

Walk a mile in the shoes of your students in this unique, interactive poverty simulation that enables you to live for a “month” in poverty. Based on the recommendation of TASB staff who participated in the workshop, the session promises to be impactful. It will include group discussion about the challenges your students and their families face and how that can factor into your board’s work. 

Kay Douglas, Consultant and Leadership TASB Program Manager, TASB Board Development Services
Leadership TASB Class of 2024 

Governance for Improved Student Success: EISO/SB 1566 Training (fulfills 3-hour biennial requirement) 

Focused and engaged school boards make a difference to student learning. This research-informed session highlights practices and tools to help boards understand the current state of student learning, cast a compelling vision with meaningful goals, and oversee the improvement efforts in their districts. 
David Koempel, Consultant, TASB Board Development Services 
Orin Moore, Consultant, TASB Board Development Services 

Strong Parent Conversations: How to Communicate Effectively and Build Trust 

In today’s educational environment, there is nothing more important than prioritizing and partnering with parents to help advance student outcomes and your district’s overall goals.  
Yet, there’s often a lot of apprehension about saying the wrong thing at the wrong time or inadvertently causing misunderstandings or deepening divides. Figuring out how to avoid potential pitfalls is essential to authentically connecting and communicating with parents and family members.  
This extended workshop will help trustees consider new avenues of parent communication and engagement so elected school boards and individual board members can strengthen their relationships with families. 
Participants will leave with specific tips and strategies to help connect the work that takes place in the boardroom with what’s happening in the classroom and throughout the district’s campuses using practice scenarios and engaging exercises. Those in attendance will also receive a toolkit to take back home with them. 
Don’t miss this opportunity to hone your skills, build trust, and strengthen your relationships with families through meaningful and effective conversations that are student focused.  

Susan Elliott, Director of Curriculum and Instructional Design, TASB Board Development Services 
Esperanza Orosco, Consultant, TASB Board Development Services, and Trustee, Hays CISD 

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