Texas Association of School Administrators   |   Texas Association of School Boards
TASA/TASB Convention
Kay Bailey Hutchison
Convention Center
24–26, 2021

Preconference Sessions

Thursday, September 23, 2021

$50 fee is required, advance registration is necessary, and participation is limited.

1–5 p.m.
Beyond the Buzz: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Fundamentals

Diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, justice, belonging, bias — all of these buzzwords are heard in the news and across social media. Let’s dive deeper and learn through a four-hour experiential session about the fundamentals behind it.

A foundational model will be presented, followed by a deeper dive into the “Anatomy of Bias.” We will discuss how fragile the human spirit is and how exclusion can impact a person, a group, and/or a nation in profound ways.

The world and our school districts are becoming more diverse, and this session will equip you with practices that, when applied, will transform your relationships, your district, and ultimately student outcomes across the state.

2–5 p.m.
Board Officers' Academy (BOA): The "You Decide" Seminar

This seminar is created specifically for Board Officers and is going to be designed with your help. You can choose from several topics, all listed below. The top two sessions selected by the group will be presented at the Board Officers' Academy Seminar.

  • Important Tools for Meeting Preparation
  • Successfully Working with Challenging Individuals
  • Effectively Engaging Your Community
  • A Legal and Governance Perspective on Meetings
  • A Board Officers Open Dialogue

2–5 p.m.
Governance for Improved Student Success: EISO/SB 1566 Training (fulfills 3-hour biennial requirement)

Focused and engaged school boards make a difference to student learning. This research-informed session highlights practices and tools to help boards understand the current state of student learning, cast a compelling vision with meaningful goals, and oversee the improvement efforts in their districts.

2–5 p.m.
New School Board Member Launch

Welcome to school board service! Joining a board in progress requires new trustees to learn a lot in a short time. This extended session provides foundational information and perspective to help newly elected trustees get their bearings quickly.

Registration for the session includes online access to bonus content including required trainings on the Texas Open Meetings Act and Sexual Abuse, Human Trafficking and Other Maltreatment of Children. 

Questions? Contact Taylor Thompson at taylor.thompson@tasb.org.