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Texas Association of School Administrators   |   Texas Association of School Boards
TASA/TASB Convention
October 2–4, 2020 Kay Bailey Hutchison
Convention Center


We’re working to create the optimum program to meet the needs of school board members, superintendents, and other district leaders for this year’s Convention and we need YOUR help!

Session selector 

Session programming varies in style, duration, and audience participation. We offer a variety of concurrent session formats and topics. Those who are interested in presenting will use Session Selector.

Session Selector is a tool that potential presenters use to submit applications to present at txEDCON. It also provides a way for board members, superintendents, and administrators to review the applications and share feedback.

January 15–March 1
Session Selector is now closed.

March 15–31
Vote on which sessions you want to attend.

An invitation to share feedback will be emailed to board members, superintendents, and administrators before these dates.

June 30
Presenters receive notification of session decisions and next steps.

Selection process

After attendees vote on the sessions, TASA | TASB will evaluate the proposals based on the following criteria:

  • How well the title, description, and learning objectives align with each other.
  • How likely it is that the format and delivery methods selected will allow participants to achieve the stated learning objectives, including audience engagement appropriate to the objectives.
  • Presenter(s)' knowledge in the topic area.
  • How likely conference participants will attend or recommend someone attend the session.

Presenter agreement

Please view additional details on the Presenter Agreement page.

Convention program

Session programming varies in style, duration, and audience participation. We offer a variety of concurrent session formats, topics, and length of times.

1-Hour Session Format Options

  • Open Discussion: Moderator-facilitated, in-depth conversation with participants serving as key contributors around a specific issue or topic concerning education. Participants are responsible for much of the content shared, as well as which issues receive the most discussion.
  • Panel: Moderator-led discussion with experts in the field with an opportunity for audience Q&A. Features multiple superintendents, board members, or other experts in conversation with each other to advance participant understanding about an important issue in education.
  • Presentation: Formal presentation by an expert, often featuring a visual component (e.g., PowerPoint) designed to inform the audience about a specific issue or topic and demonstrate key components of a particular education approach. Limited opportunities for hands-on or collaboration during the session.
  • Public Education Highlight: Short (30 minute) presentation featuring innovative programs implemented by leaders in Texas public school districts and schools. Designed to showcase unique ways districts across the state are serving community and student needs. Format is similar to Presentation, but limited in scope and time.
  • Workshop: Interactive opportunity for audience members to participate directly in the learning, collaborate with other participants, and glean resources/approaches to take back to their district or campus. May feature demonstrations of programs and role-play opportunities to apply learning.


  • Advocacy and Community Engagement
  • Assessment and Accountability
  • College and Career Readiness
  • District Culture, Finance, and Operations
  • Facility/Design/Learning Environment
  • Governance and Board/Superintendent Relationships
  • Leadership Development
  • Legal and Education Policy
  • School Transformation
  • Student Safety
  • Student Support Services and Vulnerable Populations

If you would like to know more, please see the definitions and examples of the above topics.

If you would like to see examples of last year's sessions, view the 2019 Program (PDF).

If you have questions, contact Eric Simpson at TASA by emailing esimpson@tasanet.org or calling 512.477.6361.

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