Texas Association of School Administrators   |   Texas Association of School Boards
TASA/TASB Convention
Kay Bailey Hutchison
Convention Center
Sept. 29–Oct. 1

Social Media Kit

We are always working to enhance your experience at the TASA | TASB Convention and are excited to share our Social Media Kit for all attendees, exhibitors and presenters. In this kit, you'll find tools to help you promote your involvement in the show. From website badges to social media prompts, we hope to help you engage before, during, and after the event. To save an image, right click the image and save. 

For Attendees

For Exhibitors

For Presenters

For Performers


Help us spread the word! Share the "I'm attending" graphic on your personal social media profiles. Here are some ideas for post text, but feel free to write your own message about why you're looking forward to txEDCON23:

I'm officially registered for txEDCON23! Want to join me?
Register now! #tasatasb

So excited to be able to attend txEDCON23 in person! Join me for three days of learning, inspiration, and idea sharing. Register now! #tasatasb


Start connecting now with txEDCON23 attendees! Share the "I'm exhibiting" graphic on your company and personal social media accounts. Here are some ideas for your posts:

Proud to announce we're exhibiting at txEDCON23 September 29-Oct. 1 in Dallas! Be sure to stop by and see us in the Exhibit Hall. tasa.tasb.org #tasatasb

We're looking forward to seeing all of the Texas school board members and administrators at this year's #tasatasb! Don't miss us in the Exhibit Hall. 



Congratulations on being selected as a presenter at txEDCON23! Start promoting your session now by sharing the "I'm presenting" graphic on your social media accounts. Here are some ideas for your posts:

I'm so proud to announce that I'll be presenting at txEDCON23! Don't miss my session, __________________.  #tasatasb

I'll be presenting a session at txEDCON23 on ____________. I would love to see your smiling face in the audience! Register now! #tasatasb


Help spread the word about your district's performance at txEDCON23, the TASA | TASB Convention! Share the "We're performing!" graphic on your school social media accounts, and let students share on their social media profiles. Here's some sample text to get you started:

We're excited to share our talent with Texas school leaders during this year's txEDCON23! Learn more: tasa.tasb.org #tasatasb

Our district has been honored with the chance to perform at txEDCON23! School board members and school administrators from across Texas come together for this annual Convention and only two districts perform each year. Learn more: tasa.tasb.org #tasatasb