Texas Association of School Administrators   |   Texas Association of School Boards
TASA/TASB Convention
Henry B. González
Convention Center
San Antonio
September 23–25

Session Categories

Advocacy and Engagement
Engaging all types of stakeholders, including leaders from local business and government, in district and school improvement efforts.

Accountability Systems, Strategic Planning, and Future-Ready Pathways
Practices and programs that provide information to the board and community about student learning, college and career pathways, goal setting at the district and campus level, and issues involving state or local accountability systems.

School Finance, Operations, and Facility Design
Financial and operational components of district executive leadership and board oversight, along with facility development and design.

Leadership, District Culture and Governance Team Development
Growing the capacity of the governance team, including team building and relationships among governance leaders, to establish a focused and productive district leadership culture.

Policy and Legal
Legal and political issues and their implications for district policy.

Safety, Wellness, and Sense of Belonging
All aspects of a school environment impacting the well-being of students and staff.

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