September 20–22, 2019 | Dallas, Texas
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Film Screening: Backpack Full of Cash

Backpack Full of Cash PictureSaturday, September 29

2:30–4:15 p.m.

Join us for a film screening of Backpack Full of Cash and receive 1.5 hours of credit. Narrated by Matt Damon, this feature-length documentary explores the growing privatization of public schools and the resulting impact on America’s most vulnerable children. Filmed in Philadelphia, New Orleans, Nashville, and other cities, Backpack Full of Cash takes viewers through the tumultuous 2013–14 school year, exposing the world of corporate-driven education “reform” where public education—starved of resources—hangs in the balance.

In many places, public education is at a tipping point. Leaders in Washington are calling for a massive increase in funds to expand privately-run charter schools and vouchers. This film is a call out to stop privatization and to support and strengthen our public schools.

*No additional fee or advance registration is required; however, participation is limited.