TASA/TASB Convention October Austin, Texas 2-4, 2015

Call for Presentations- A new focus

As TASA/TASB Convention furthers our focus on meeting attendees' needs, we have created several learning focuses for the 2016 Convention. Please consider submitting a session that meets these needs.

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

How does this change affect our districts? What is new or different with ESSA vs NCLB? 

Session 2017

From grassroots efforts to visiting the state Capitol, what can you do to get involved? What should Texas School Districts be prepared for during the 2017 session? 

Districts of Innovation

What is a District of Innovation and what are the benefits? How do districts apply? What are examples of successful applications and projects, what they have learning from exemptions and the application process?

Safety/Security (Digital and Phyiscal)

From student security in district buildings to their information in district files, how can we keep our students, staff, and community safe? 

Teaching the Adult Learner

Also, we seek interactive sessions and ask you to think about the following questions. Preference will be given towards interactive sessions with 2-3 specific learning outcomes that are clearly related to the work of a school board and school administrators. 

  • What will attendees know and/or be able to do after attending your session?
  • How will this session equip school board members and school administrators to lead their districts effectively?
  • What will attendees be doing during the session (interactive discussion, learning activities, skill building exercises, etc).

Session Categories

Sessions focus on an array of topics addressing school leadership and management for board members and administrators and should be submitted under the following categories:

Board-Superintendent Partnerships
Teamwork, collaboration, shared vision and alignment of governing and management toward the district vision.
Community Engagement
Building partnerships and engaging community, parents, businesses, and governmental leaders in school improvement.
Digital Integration/Technology Applications
Student engagement in digital learning, classroom applications, and learning management systems.
Facilities and Design
Construction, facility and strategic planning, design, energy, and environmental issues.
Governance and Oversight
General governance including: policy, finance/budgeting, operations, roles, vision, planning, etc.
Instructional Programs and Assessment
Curriculum and instruction, specialized groups of students, HB 5, student assessment, evaluations of teachers and administrators.
Leadership Development
Communication, skill building, values, equity, intentionality, self-development, etc.
School law, employment law, contracts, etc.
Legislative updates and advocacy in state-level legislation.

Transformational Leadership
School transformation initiatives focused on digital integration, high priority learning standards, authentic assessments, and community-based accountability.


Submission of an application does not guarantee selection. Notification of acceptance/rejection of applications will be e-mailed.

Applications will be reviewed by a committee of TASA/TASB representatives; preference will be given to applications that include a school board member or administrator as one of the presenters.

In addition, applications for school law topics must include at least one licensed attorney in the presenting group; preference will be given to presenters who are members of the TASB Council of School Attorneys (CSA).

If selected, presenters must register to attend the TASA/TASB Convention.

Questions should be directed to Paul Whitton Jr., TASA, at PWhitton@TASAnet.org or 512.477.6361.